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Clinical supervision for therapists can be a beneficial, even critical, experience. It’s a place for therapists to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced and qualified in the same profession. Supervision/Consultation allows therapists the opportunity to:

Here's how we start, there's an initial phone consultation that can lead to an initial visit. Together we have a chance to meet, get to know each other, and see if it's rapport for you, and create a supervision experience that fits you.

Supervision with ekTherapy is a caring, supportive environment,
come learn with us

  • Hear a different perspective, which often leads to deeper insights, more creative interpretations-or alternative solutions

  • Work Through Specific Changes. Learn new therapeutic skills. It’s a collaborative and interactive process that monitors the quality of client care, improves clinical skills, and facilitates personal and professional growth.  

  • Allow space to explore clinical interventions, client related concerns, ethical issues, counter transference, and cultural issues/biases.

  • Increase therapeutic awareness and confirmation, feeling more informed, skilled, encouraged, and reassured. 

  • Have a place to go to work things through. Supports a clinician’s actions and managing your workload and ways to develop clinical reflection, boundaries, and development. 

  • Manage professional development, to develop, helping them to link theory and practice,to formulate what is going on with complex cases.


Take the first steps with clinical supervision today. Connect with us. 

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