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Sandra Feist


About Sandra 

Anxiety, relationship problems, past trauma, even positive job or life changes can weigh us down so that we lose sight of the true joys that surround us.  We make the best choices we can as we try to solve our problems and live our lives; but sometimes, we forget that we learned those problem-solving skills long ago and that there might be a better way.  Together we will work to solve your problems, face challenges and improve your quality of life.

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and have been helping individuals and couples for over 15 years. I specialize in guiding clients through anxiety, depression, identity concerns, relationship conflicts, work issues, and life changes of all kinds.  

My approach is unique to your individual needs, and designed to help you understand both your strengths and what you can change to make everyday a better, more satisfying experience.  You will find a warm, welcoming environment, a compassionate listener, and a skilled ally to aid you in your journey.

Get in Touch with Sandra


133 West 72nd Street, Suite 404

New York, NY  10023

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