Our thoughts run through everything. Our focus is to provide you with a model for understanding your difficulties and a proposed plan of action. We place a great deal of emphasis on the use of imagery and mindfulness. 

Our practice focuses on Mindfulness tools. Mindfulness is a supportive proven effective tools for reducing and managing stressful moments, plus increasing our ability to:

  • work with strong regulate emotions

  • increase awareness

  • understand your emotional intelligence

  • strengthen decision making

  • develop confidence

  • learn to be nice to yourself



Breaking away from addiction often takes courage and support. The treatment of alcoholism and other addictions must be tailored to each individual and includes individual cognitive-behavioral exercises, change readiness coaching, early sobriety and long-term recovery support. 

Our focus to provide a model for understanding the addictive process, managing through impulse pulls and a developing a different focus, with less pain and trauma through the use of: 

Addiction | Recovery

Managing depression, anxieties and fears often interferes with daily life. My focus in work is active, short-term, and skills-based, and is tailored to you.

The goal is for you to master the tools you need to move about more freely in your life – from place to place and from day to day–without the energy-drain of anxiety symptoms: 

  • Panic 

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Health Anxiety

  • Social Anxiety

  • Feeling Alone

Depression | Anxiety  

Elizabeth co-founded the Manhattan Stuttering Group and Passing Twice, an informal network of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender stutterers and their friends. Elizabeth was a member of the adult company of Our Time, a non-profit theater company that uses the arts for people who stutter.  Elizabeth specializes in working compassionately with:

  • Mobility | Communication | Developmental disabilities

  • Adults and teens who stutter

  • Coming out | Self disclosure

  • Modeling acceptable behavior

  • Communication inside family | friendship | school,

  • Defining “communication”

  • Developing frienships | professional relationships

  • Moving from isolation to connection

  • Fear | Shame 

  • Confidence | determination

  • Negotiating education | occupational access

Disability l Stuttering

We work with people to manage your choices with career moves. Our career work is thoughtful, investigative and skills-based and it’s tailored to your particular set of considerations to explore your:

  • Career Moves | Formulation

  • Transitions to/from School | Home | Retirement

  • Managing through unemployment

  • Reintegration Pre/Post Military deployment

Life Transitions l Work Transitions 

We take take pride in offering a non-judgmental, affirmative space to talk about identities and sexuality. Elizabeth is also a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and am a participant of Kink Aware Professionals

With an understanding of you and for all family members, psychotherapy supports individuals and families of all sexual backgrounds dealing with issues such as coming out, youth sexuality, parenting, gender variance and gender transition. I specialize in working positively with:

  • Gay men | Lesbians | Bisexuals

  • Transgender | Gender queer | Gender nonconforming

  • Families | Friends | Significant others

  • Coming Out issues

  • Transitioning

  • Sexual orientation | Gender identity

  • HIV-related concerns

  • Polyamory | Relationship negotiation

  • Kink & “alternative” lifestyles

  • Online lives

LGBTQ | Poly | Kink

ekTherapy has a deep commitment to promoting inclusion and the affirmation of diverse identities.  Our staff places a high value on the dignity and worth of all people. We embrace the richness brought by identities and expressions at the intersections of ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual/affectional orientation, gender, size, age, physical and mental abilities, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status, and immigration status. We also recognize the immense impact that systemic racism and oppression have on our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) clients' mental health and wellbeing. In this spirit, we strive to foster cultural humility through ongoing training and professional development.  We aim to promote the mental health and well-being of our diverse clients to foster a healthy connection.


Trauma runs throughout. At times it ripples up and stalls. We focus on working together, gently, to create gentle shifts.

Trauma l PTSD

Mindfulness runs through everything. Our focus is to provide you with a model for understanding your difficulties and a proposed plan of action. We place a great deal of emphasis on the use of imagery and mindfulness. These are extremely effective ways of helping people unleash creativity and to change and heal.